Just some teeth per primam


These are some recent cases, sometimes easy, sometimes not so easy.

Take your patience, assess the anatomy properly and try to do it right from the first time. Some of these cases might become really challenging if they will ever need retreatment.

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br1 br2 av1 av2

ciu1 ciu 2 fa1 fa3

va1 va2 tu1 tu2

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Tough long and thin roots


Referred patient for RCT on 47. After examination and clinical tests the diagnosis was irreversible pulpitis.

Prepared with manual and hyflex files.

I’m always choosing a Nyar core to reconstruct a deep margin as I’m not trusting the adhesion of composite on radicular dentine.

cobuz 1 IMG_0107

IMG_0117 IMG_0119 IMG_0120 cobuz 2

cobuz 3 IMG_0122 cobuz 4 cobuz 5 IMG_0124

Nice recall


I remember it being a hard one.

It took me two long visits and a lot of files to complete this case.

Not my usual work, but I completed myself the coronal restoration on this one. I chose an indirect composite overlay. I tend to choose those instead of ceramics when the tooth is opposing a natural one. I would prefer gold, but hey, nowadays you get less and less patient’s acceptance.

Anyway, I took the recall xray today after 1 year and everything looks fine.



After 1 year:


C Shaped lower 7


A lower 7 devitalized under a bridge.

I performed the treatment through the bridge and I discovered an interesting anatomy.

Good magnification, illumination and knowledge of the anatomy were the key factors to complete the treatment successfully.

Only time will tell if I’ve done enough.




Found another older case


Just found another older case which shows some nice anatomy on a lower molar.

I noticed my fillings were having few voids at the time, the only thing I changed is the temperature setting on my System B. Since then, I chose a smaller temperature, thus to allow the material to become more viscous and to have better compressibility.

Be careful with the settings! All the devices are unique and all the back fill cartridges melt differently.


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